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Math Center Madness! 

So I have gotten my new math centers up and running! I had been running literacy centers in a way that was meaningful and differentiatied for my students, yet manageable for me which was awesome, but I hadn't found that same tempo for math...until now! 

After a lot of researching/pinteresting/colleague chatting etc I came up with 10 essential strategies for math that I felt my grade 3 kiddos could work on, build on, and excel with. I then created activities to help build those skills at a variety of levels.  Each strategey is its own center with several activities…

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Hey everyone!

I’m trying REALLY hard to be organized and really ‘ahead of the game’ this year.  I find that when I am not, I’m always running around at the last minute to get science and art materials.  So, I have completed my “Force and Motion” centers for grade 3 nice and early which gives me plenty of time to round up the materials I need, laminate the pieces and avoid calling the hubby frantically on his way home from work to hit the dollar store for my ridiuclous “Need for tomorrow” list.

I have posted by “Force Friends!” packet to TpT!  I love doing science centers because it allows…

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Depth and Complexity Festive Foldable Fun! 

This is a great way to work provide enrichment or extension for your gifted or talented students (GATE program).  Students use higher level thinking skills thinking skills to write about winter holidays including Christmas! 

Just in time for Christmas and Other Winter Holidays! These fun foldables are perfect to engage and challenge your gifted or talented learners in the fun Holiday season!. Students cut and fold the papers, then fill out the foldables based on the provided topic prompts.Most of the activities focus on Christmas, but other…

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Welcome to Tina’s Teaching Treasures!

I have been planning to do this blog for some time and I have finally got it up and running! (Thanks to my Brother, Dave, for constantly resetting my password when I forget, eish!).

I finally finished a really fun project I planned for my class and that was the ‘push’ I needed to get this blog going.  I’m so excited for my kids to get into some real inquiry stuff so I made a center that I can change each month.  It is easy enough that my kiddos can do it independtly and that I can get all the materials I need by scrounging around my house or maybe…

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