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Hey everyone!

I’m trying REALLY hard to be organized and really ‘ahead of the game’ this year.  I find that when I am not, I’m always running around at the last minute to get science and art materials.  So, I have completed my “Force and Motion” centers for grade 3 nice and early which gives me plenty of time to round up the materials I need, laminate the pieces and avoid calling the hubby frantically on his way home from work to hit the dollar store for my ridiuclous “Need for tomorrow” list.

I have posted by “Force Friends!” packet to TpT!  I love doing science centers because it allows the kids some more time to be hands-on and practice their skills while I get to conference/interview with the kids in small groups.  I find this much more effective than tests and projects because reading/writing skills don’t impact their science marks!  So many of my little ones (especially boys) could tell you tons and tons and TONS about science, but as soon as you make them put it on paper- one word answers.  It is obviously not fair to mark kids in science based on how much they can WRITE about science, so these interviews are the perfect solution!

In the packet I have included 4 centers and my interview checklist (complete with details and prompts for the teacher).

 I know my class will love the ‘super hero theme and the hands on activities included!  I love being able to give the same small group/guided focus to science that I use for Math and Language and meeting with the kids in small groups is so great to establish rapport as well!

I also like the science centers because I mix the groups up from their math or literacy groups.  It is nice for the kids to work with some new people.  My Langauge and Math groups are usually pretty homogeneously levelled while the science and social studies center groups are the perfect place to make heterogenous groups.



Sneak Peek

Head on over to my TpT store and check it out!

Product Description:

Never Fear! The FORCE FRIENDS are here! This fun packet contains everything you need for a SUPER start to Force Centers! 

This product includes 4 centers for students to help them to reinforce their learning of forces and motion. 

The Four Centers are: 
-Super Slow Down (Hands-on task- Friction & Momentum)
-Crazy Carnival Chaos (Hands-on Task- Gravity & Magnets)
-Terrific Technology (Internet links & response sheet-Kinowledge and understanding...internet access required)
-Word Sort Wonder (Term sort and comic-Communication of K&U)

Included are 4 centers. Each center includes: -
-“Mission” overview
-I Can Statements
- Directions
- student response sheet. 
Some centers include Term-definition cards, additional student response sheets, and photos as needed. 

In my classroom I use these centers for students to actively practice their skills while I conduct “conferences” about the science unit. 

This allows me to meet with my kiddos in small groups while they use their time wisely. 
I have also included my conference ‘check-bric’ that shows the topics I ask each student to explain. 

Download the preview for a snapshot of all pages and a "Sneak Peek" at one center!

You can find this center on my Teachers Pay Teachers site!

Key Words:  Forces, Force and Motion, Friction, Gravity, Magnets, Magnetism, Momentum, Super Hero, Science Centers  

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