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Welcome to Tina’s Teaching Treasures!

I have been planning to do this blog for some time and I have finally got it up and running! (Thanks to my Brother, Dave, for constantly resetting my password when I forget, eish!).

I finally finished a really fun project I planned for my class and that was the ‘push’ I needed to get this blog going.  I’m so excited for my kids to get into some real inquiry stuff so I made a center that I can change each month.  It is easy enough that my kiddos can do it independtly and that I can get all the materials I need by scrounging around my house or maybe hitting the dollar store-score!

I’m anticipating my class being more diverse than last year’s now that I am leaving the ‘self contained gifted’ world, so I made several versions of the response sheet for my different level kiddos.  I really don’t want any of the kids to be ‘an after thought’ so I’m working very hard to be proactive and make sure I have something for everyone to start off the year!

Check out the pictures of the first center for the inquiry investigation: Shadows! (fun, easy and mess free- Teacher’s dream, eh?)



Photos Inquiry Investigation

I’m really excited to add this to my center rotation because it will be great for hands-on learners, kids can choose their own challenge, their are multiple entry levels and it integrates science into my centers in a really easy and relevant way!

If you’d like to see more, check it out in my TpT store!

Download Inquirt Investigators from my Teachers Pay Teachers site!

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