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Managing Student Work

Welcome back to the Bright Ideas Blog Hop! 

Today I want to pass along a Bright Idea that was originally from an amazing teacher I worked with, Kate.  Kate is THE expert on classroom management, her students adore her and her class runs like clock work.  I would often wander into her room and see amazing, simple and effective ideas that I couldn't wait to try.


These "Foldies" were one of her many Bright Ideas that have really simplified my day.  You simply take a large piece of construction paper, fold it and staple.  I put a piece of paper in to measure so that I know it will hold the paper properly, then fold, crease, staple and label.  I use 'return address' labels in the corner, it allows the students to flip through easily to find their foldie.   

My students have a 'foldie' for math, language, science/social studices and centers. We also used them for portoflios at conference time.  I use a different colour for each one to make it easy for students to organize their work.   


What I love about them (besides being inexpensive, simple, colour-coordinated, and student accessible) is the ability to send them home!  I have previously ordered duotangs for subjects like science and math and at the end of the unit I would ask the kiddos to take all their work home.  I tried staples, clips, ziplocks- nothing really worked.  Until I found foldies.  Simple, sweet, handy dandy foldies! At the end of the unit, I type up a little chart and record all the students' marks from the unit as well as their overall mark and some descriptive feedback, then staple it to my foldie and home it goes--- all the sheets and marks neatly contained in the foldy for pennies!!  It perfectly holds note books, foldables, hand outs and art pieces.  


Even better, I recently purchased a shelf to store them which has just made me love them even more! I got it from Michaels, it was normally 54.99 but it was 40% off, plus the 15% teacher discount and I had a gift card so I only paid 12$ out of pocket! Score!! It is designed for scrapbook paper but fit these foldies perfectly! 

Next time you start a new unit, center rotation, or portfolio- try it out!  I promise, the simplicity of these foldies makes it a classroom essential for me! 


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Have  bright weekend! 



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