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Hi there! 

So I am getting my kiddos started on Math Centers---Yeehaw!  

I am very excited for many reasons #1- it means I can meet with small groups more frequently and efficiently, #2 The students enjoy them and it helps round out their math learning with lots of active practice #3 Once the centers are set up, there is mess weekly prep/marking for me  #4 I love my math centers and am proud to show them off and share them with a new group of littles!  

I wanted to cram it all in as quickly as possible (Without overwhelming of course...) so I mapped out my week carefully, balanced carpet…

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Hey everyone! 

With summer vacation finally here I had time to put the finishing touches on this new item! This is my first unit for math, so it was a great place to start! 

My favourite part is the craftivities!! 3 craftivities that are all adorable! 

Check them out: 



But it isn't just CUTE, it is rich, educational, and fun! 

This item contains: 

*Base Ten Basics*-Anchor Charts for Base Ten Blocks-Poem about Base Ten Blocks-2 Partner/Whole Class activities-Student response sheets*Representing Numbers*-Anchor Charts about word form, expanded form, base ten name-2…

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Hey there! 

So my board has each teacher prepare an "Annual Learning Plan" as part of our professional development.  This year I chose to focus on guided math.  I have always loved guided reading and I feel like it makes SUCH an impact on my kiddos (brain and heart! That small group time is precious!) that I wanted to 'double dip' and do it for math too! 

Luckily, I have a super amazing admin team at my school who thought it was a great idea and have supported me along the way! I have finally tested it out tweaked it and made it my perfect little baby and it is ready to share with the…

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This is my all-time favourite product! 

This set of pages is a life-saver in a gifted program!  My little gifties loved reading new and exciting novels and this allowed them to delve deeply into age-appropriate texts.  It is challenging to find texts that challenge their unique little minds while maintain the 'kid friendly' and age- relevant content.  These pages help the kids analyse the stories and think using depth and complexity to understand their favourite books in new and interesting ways. 

How I use these: 

Students work in groups or 4 or 5 and all read the same novel at a similar…

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So I am officially in back to school mode now!After being in MOH mode for my bestie’s wedding in July, then Bride mode for my wedding then much needed relax mode for the honeymoon I am ready to get back into the swing of things!I collaborate as part of a team that works with new teachers and next week I am sharing my ‘first week of grade 3″ stuff, so I thought I’d post it here on my blog too!!

Click the Freebie badge for the file:

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Additional Files:


I must admit a lot of these ideas are stuff I have seen in people’s rooms,…

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