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Depth and Complexity Book Clubs

This is my all-time favourite product! 

This set of pages is a life-saver in a gifted program!  My little gifties loved reading new and exciting novels and this allowed them to delve deeply into age-appropriate texts.  It is challenging to find texts that challenge their unique little minds while maintain the 'kid friendly' and age- relevant content.  These pages help the kids analyse the stories and think using depth and complexity to understand their favourite books in new and interesting ways. 

How I use these: 

Students work in groups or 4 or 5 and all read the same novel at a similar pace.  Students work together and discuss the topics on the pages and they fill out the questions as they are applicable to the text.  It is less 'prescribed' than a typical 'literature circle' and I encourage discussion so I titled it a 'book club' rather than a 'literature circle'. 

Depth and Complexity

Product Description:

A set of student response pages based on Dr. Sandra Kaplan's 11 icons of Depth and Complexity. Perfect for Gifted or Talented students or students in need of enrichment activities. The pages are open enough to work with any book or story (even movies or plays!) but detailed enough to give students a clear expectation. 

Teacher instructions are included as is a set of "depth and complexity" anchor charts FREE of charge! ($2 value- free!). Created for my grade 2/3 gifted class suitable up to grade 4 or 5 gifted in my opinion. 
NOTE: This is higher level thinking and geared towards high ability students! Please check the preview if you are unsure if this is suitable for your kiddos! 

Front Cover
11 student response pages (1 for each icon/lens)
1 Learning skills reflection
11 Colour Anchor Charts (1 for each icon/lens--no branding on chart pages, just the icon, title and description) 

Pages are student friendly with plenty of space for students to write! 

Download the preview from Teachers Pay Teachers to see two sample pages as well as the instruction sheet and a sample of the anchor chart! 

For use in one classroom/grade team only. 

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