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Getting Started with Guided Math

Hey there! 

So my board has each teacher prepare an "Annual Learning Plan" as part of our professional development.  This year I chose to focus on guided math.  I have always loved guided reading and I feel like it makes SUCH an impact on my kiddos (brain and heart! That small group time is precious!) that I wanted to 'double dip' and do it for math too! 

Luckily, I have a super amazing admin team at my school who thought it was a great idea and have supported me along the way! I have finally tested it out tweaked it and made it my perfect little baby and it is ready to share with the world! 

I know I learn best when I can see something step by step, so this "getting started" file shows you just how I set up my guided math binder, resources and materials! It gives you an overview of my full product, and gives you a taste of what is going on in my classroom! 

You can purchase all my stuff on my TPT shop and check out the "Getting Started" guided here!  

Getting Started with Guided math: An intro to my 3rd grade guided math program from Tinas Teaching Treasures


(Technical difficulties--for now, visit TPT and download this file as a freebie HERE! )

The full unit is also available on my TPT that is Common Core Aligned (and the Ontario version will be posted shortly!) 





I hope you find this useful! 

Happy Math-ing!



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