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Number Pattern Robot

I looovveee this unit! 

My class had a blast and I am really pleased with the balance of multiple intelligences I was able to include.  There are group activities, artistic craftivities, and extension opportunities- I was easily able to differentiate for the needs in my class and the kids really enjoyed it. 

Something I tried this year was a 'Pattern Parade" instead of my typical end of unit centers. Instead of a regular 4 centers plus conferences, I had the kids work on activity 1 then 2 then 3 independently or in pairs at their own pace.  This really helped with the kids who had only the first half of each center done at the end of center rotations.  I put some extra challenging activities at the end for my students who needed some extension and it worked out really well.  The activities were a little more 'game-like' and very easy to learn so I was able to conduct conferences while the kids worked on these a active practice activities.  

The Craftivities were adorable and I loved that they weren't just 'cute' but also useful as another practice activity as we did a gallery walk and solved the number patterns of classmates! 

Product Description: 

A great addition to your Number Patterns and Patterning Unit! 
Included are activities, student work sheets, centers and 2 adorable craftivities PLUS my conference mat and assessment checklist- perfect for end of the unit assessment of learning!
Your students will love the Robot theme! 

These activities are designed to supplement your patterning unit. 
Included are:
-3 double sided independent practice sheets (6 pages) to help your class “show what they know” 
-Answer keys for each work sheet.
-2 partner/small group games
-2 whole class hands on/collaborative activities 
-2 ‘craftivity’ ideas and materials to print
-3 Centers to practice skills while you conduct conferences. Each comes with materials and student response sheet. Answer key where applicable.
-Conference “mat” and checklist to conduct oral ‘interviews’ at the end of your unit 


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