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One Week to Math Centers!

Hi there! 

So I am getting my kiddos started on Math Centers---Yeehaw!  

I am very excited for many reasons #1- it means I can meet with small groups more frequently and efficiently, #2 The students enjoy them and it helps round out their math learning with lots of active practice #3 Once the centers are set up, there is mess weekly prep/marking for me  #4 I love my math centers and am proud to show them off and share them with a new group of littles!  

I wanted to cram it all in as quickly as possible (Without overwhelming of course...) so I mapped out my week carefully, balanced carpet time with crafting time with talking time and have developed my 'one week to math centers'.  Of course after one week we won't be 'perfect' on our routines yet- that is okay!  I expect that each year the routines and expectations will tweak with the group of students.  Luckily this year I have an AMAZING group of hard workers, so I am blessed! 

So after many nights of laminating (and a big thanks to my mom and hubby who are laminator pros!) my centers are all adorably in their bins, ribbons tied, ziplocs zipped and partners paired. *sigh*, nothing makes this girl smile like freshly prepared centers! 


I've also used some of the activities from my getting started with guided math pack.  Since my 'other' kiddos are doing centers while I do guided math, I sort of smush it all together into one big hurrah!  Both products are available in my TPT store! 



So, here it is!  My week--all planned out!  If you haven't done math centers before, i highly recommend it. Students get that active practice, review and talk time in a structured and supported way.  Guided math is so effective.  Guided reading=amazing, so why not guided math? If you haven't done it yet, get on board and try it out!! Trust me, you won't be disappointed!  


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