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Place Value Mega Bundle!

Hey everyone! 

With summer vacation finally here I had time to put the finishing touches on this new item! This is my first unit for math, so it was a great place to start! 

My favourite part is the craftivities!! 3 craftivities that are all adorable! 

Check them out: 






But it isn't just CUTE, it is rich, educational, and fun! 

This item contains: 

*Base Ten Basics*
-Anchor Charts for Base Ten Blocks
-Poem about Base Ten Blocks
-2 Partner/Whole Class activities
-Student response sheets

*Representing Numbers*
-Anchor Charts about word form, expanded form, base ten name
-2 Craftivities (number words and representing numbers in different ways)
-Student response sheets

*Patterns on the Hundreds Chart*
-Anchor for describing patterns
-Sample patterns for whole class discussion/modelling
-partner activity
-Whole class activity
Student Response sheets

*Skip Counting*
-Whole Class kinaesthetic activity
-Adorable Frog Craftivity
-Student Response sheets (including fun skip counting mazes!)

*Additional Resources*
-Tickets out the door (exit passes)
-Journal Strips (example provided of completed response)
-Conference Mat & Checklist (Great for summative assessment)
-Word Wall Words

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