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Bright Ideas- Clean up crew

Hi there! 

Another Bright idea link up!! This time, it is my 'classroom clean up crew' I am sharing.  There is nothing like the power of 20 sets of little hands to get your classrom sparkling clean at teh end of a messy art period- the best part is- they love it!!  They enjoy helping, enjoy acting like 'grown ups', and your are teaching them an important life skill. 


It is easy to prepare! I went to the dollar store and grabbed 4 smal spray bottles (found in the hair care/cosmetics section).  I like the small ones so kids don't get tooooo trigger happy and they are easy to refill.  They are also easy to store.  I grabbed sponges and cut them in half (I like the scrubby kind for getting glue off) and Jaycloths.  I use the target 'method' cleaner (watered down a TON, like maybe 1 part to 10) in the spray bottles. Just enough to make it clean and smell nice.   I also have a student or two sweeping and a few 'put-er-away-ers'. 


At the end of the day, my kiddos get out the cleaning bucket.  One spray bottle per table group, students grab sponges, cloths and paper towels and get down to business.  My room is always tidy by the end of the clean up session and the students are so happy to help!  

The whole bin cost less than $10 and one bottle of method spray from taget lasts months (because I water it waaayy down).  I save time by not spraying all the desks myself (and I'm also sure I'm the custodian's favourite :P ) and my room is beautiful and ready for the next day! 

Try it out in your room! 


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