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Bright Ideas -Sticky Flags

Another Bright Ideas Blog post! 


So I think I've mentioned before how much I love my admin, because for real- they are great! Supportive, reliable and caring people who trust the teachers- the best!!  Anyhow, one of the little things my VP does that I LOVE is sticky flag reports or notes that have corrections.  With over 40 pages of reports, it's easy to miss things, but the sticky flag shows me exactly which pages I need to review. The little floursecnt flag saves me so much time and is easy for my VP to do. 


So, I now use it in my classroom!  When my students are working on a booklet or notebook, I can use a little flag to direct their attention to corrections.  This not only shows students exactly where to look but is also a visual reminder of "hey, you've got some corrections to do".  It really helps students review their work and takes no prep or extra work from me. 

So, try it out! Hit your local dollar store and grab your favourite colour stickys and stick-stick-stick! 



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