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Guided Math Set-up

Hey everyone! 

So guided math is one of my fave parts of the day!  I love getting to meet with small groups and really tailor my teaching to the specific needs of a group of students, I love the 'free-flow' of thoughts and converstaional style, and I love seeing my students have "a-ha" moments.  

I have heard from so many teachers that guided math has changed their teaching and helped their students, and I couldn't be more thrilled! I am so happy that people are able to use my products in their classroom and that students are having fun while learning math. Due to popular request I have begun grade 2 versions of the guided math activities. 2OA is available in my TPT store now! NBT will be next!! 

One of the harder parts of guided math is getting it started...establishing routines, making the structure and teaching the students about the expectations is key to having a successful and interuption free small group session.  I try to incorporate the students as much as possible and explain why routines, rules, procedures etc are in place. 

We made an anchor chart to explain what guided math is, why we do it, and what we need to remember.  I will keep this up for the first while to refer to.  If a student is off task I can remind them "how is this helping you achieve your goal of becoming a better mathematician?" or "is that activity making your brain sweat from hard work?".  I won't leave it up for the whole year (that is why it isn't that cute haha) 

Guided Math Anchor Chart

My other Anchor chart is for what we can do while the teacher is working with a small group.  I use math centers to keep the other students rigoursly working on math, but I am just introducing them now so I wanted to provide some other options and reminders in case a student gets stuck on a center or is confused.  I don't want any 'wasted' time, so if you can't complete a center because the internet crashed-find something else to do to make that brain sweat.  Establishing an expectation that centers is hard work and active practice early on will help avoid students chatting or wasting time throughout the year. 

Guided Math Anchor.jpg

Goal Setting is another key aspect.  I ask my students to set goals so they can monitor their own improvement and share their progress with their parents. I have used some cute craftivities that would be great for open house, student-led conferences or a gallery walk with another class!  

Busy Beaver  IMG_0772.jpg  IMG_0773.jpg

I hope that you enjoy guided math as much as I do!! If you are looking for some activities to supplement your guided math, check out my store for grade 3 common core or grade 3 Ontario bundles and click 'follow me' for updates on grade 2 items and other fun and educational activities!


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