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I'm Stuck Board Freebie!

The I’m Stuck Board. The classroom management tool I have grown to love so! You may have seen a previous post about it, but I needed to spruce it up a little, so here it is! 



This item is designed to help students become more independent problem solvers. Students are encouraged to try some self-help strategies before approaching the teacher. 

There are 7 prompts for "I'll try" and 7 prompts for "I'll ask" to help students make good choices when they are "Stuck". All, FREE! 

This helps students prepare for older grades and larger class sizes and improves initiative and self-regulation. Of course, it is also a huge sanity saver for teachers! 

I like to discuss some of the ideas with the students and have them brainstorm what strategies we can use to help ourselves if we get ‘stuck’ on our work. I encourage my kids to do the “Ill try” options first, if they still need help, then they use the “I’ll ask” options to ask a specific and useful question. “I don’t get it” is not allowed. 

I hope this item helps your class become a little more independent and allows you to enjoy a more smooth classroom routine! 

For more self-regulation ideas, check out my Self-regulation Stations

PS- Thanks to Dennis the Menace Teaching for letting me take a picture of her board. I didn't have board space at the time, so mine are just on a plain wall, hers was so much cuter!!  Also, if you like her snowman goalman bulletin board shown in the picture, it is free in her store! 


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