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Managing Must-Do's

Hey everyone! 

So I'm here to share something that I feel has been the missing piece of my Daily 5 adventure this year!  I needed some more accountability with my kiddos (especially this early in the year) and I was struggling to make it manageable for me and straight-forward for my students.  I also needed to differentiate for a diverse class.  This is when we came up with our "Must Do" idea! 


My teaching partner, Amanda from "Dennis the Menace Teaching" and I designed a cute and functional way to keep our students accountable with their daily 5 work! It is simple, we laminated the "Must Do" sheet for each group, then use cute name tags for each student.  Each name tag has a velcro dot on the back, and the Must Do sheet also has verlcro dots.  

We clipped the Must Do sheet to a two pocket folder.  Inside all of the sheets/activities they are to require are stored.  The left side is for still working, the right side is for finished.  When they have completed all the taks, they move their name tag from the "Still working" to the "All finished" side. 

We write the "Must Do" activities on sticky notes or using white board marker so the student know what it is they need to complete. 

Students choose when they want to complete these activities, working towards increased self-regulation.  This also allows me to get some extra word work or reading activities in to go with our guided reading books by popping them in there.  I also know that with at least 1 visit with me adn 2 "Must Do" Activities, ALL of my students are completing at least 3 high-yield activities.  Even if some of the other times they are making domino tracks out of the scrabble tiles.... 

Anyhow, if you'd like it, check it out here free!  I erased my students' names from the people boxes, but the clipart is from Ashley Hughes if you need more! She has lots of options of hair/skin/clothes combinations! 

Also, if you like the color scheme and Style, it matches my Daybook and my Classroom labels and organization products! 

Stay tuned for more blog posts about my Daily 5 adventures and more!

I hope this helps you out! :) 


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