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Snapshot Milestone Giveaway!

Hey everyone! 

I'm excited to announce my second TPT milestone!! I'm SO thankful that so many teachers have invited me into their room by using my materials with their students.  I hope that I have helped your students learn and made your lives a little easier in the process! 

So, to say thank you, I'm doing a giveaway!!  I realized that I have sold over 10, 000 items, but hardly ever get to see HOW people are using them! So, this giveaway will be a "snapshot" contest!  It is super easy!  Simply snap a photo of one of my products (free or paid) in action.  Then, post it on your Instagram or My Facebook Fan Page using the hashtag " #tinasteachingtreasures ".  Winners will be chosen January 31st! 


Any sort of picture will work. It could be on a student's desk, on a bulletin board or rolling through your laminator! As long as it is clearly identifiable as one of my items and you use the hashtag, you are entered!! Multiple entries are permitted, but don't get carried away and annoy all your friends with constant photos of cute preppy planners and center bin tags (although, if they don't like those things, re-evaluate your friendship ;) hehe).  Feel free to add comments and information about how you used it or additional teaching hashtags too!  

Here is an example instagram post: 


It is just a picture of my binder open (to the free math assessment pages from a previous post) and the hashtag #tinasteachingtreasures. Done! Easy entry? I think so! You can do the same thing on facebook just post a picture to my wall!

Two winners will be chosen, and each will win a $25 Giftcard for TPT!! Wahoo!!

If you aren't following me on Facebook or Instagram, click the links to do that now! 

Thanks again and happy snapping! 


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