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Tina's Teaching Tip- Timer Time

I love Timers!! 

I use them to make sure my kiddos don't doddle on their washroom trips or take too long finding a library book. I use them to share computer time ("Work together, one person is in charge of the mouse and Keyboard for 3 minutes then, switch") or to remind me when a student is getting an early pick up.  I love timers. 

I love them even more now that I added these little stretchy bracelets I found at WalMart! They are hand for kiddos, they don't end up dropped or in pockets (or even worse, 'washroom hands') and the kids think it is super cool! 

The timers are just from dollarama (1.25 each) and the bracelets were about 6.25 for 6 I think. 

Have fun and stay on time with this great tip! :) 


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